Healthy Living Platform

The kitchen will be available for hire for local voluntary & community organisations as well as start-ups from across Lambeth at good community rates. Through the charity’s education and training programme, the Healthy Living Community Kitchen will provide people with the skills and knowledge to live more healthily and sustainably, learn about nutrition, zero-waste cooking and gain qualifications that lead to employment and other paid opportunities.

Centrally located at We Are 336 on Brixton Road, the Healthy Living Community Kitchen will also be available for catering and events and start-up food businesses. The kitchen was officially launched on 22nd September 2022  and showcased some of the charity’s other food projects including a special edition of their Recipe Kits to celebrate Black History Month and catering provided by their Food Ambassadors.

Set up together with Lambeth Accord and with the support and funding of Lambeth Council, the kitchen aims to be a space for communities to come together and support each other, working with food in a sustainable way.

The kitchen will soon link with the charity’s Surplus Food Hub- also due to be based at the 336 site -working in partnership with various food suppliers to receive large amounts of surplus food each week. The food is then redistributed to over 30 groups across Lambeth, empowering them to support their communities through food, feeding approx. 5000 per month.

The kitchen is now officially open for bookings. To find out more and to make a booking visit the Healthy Living Platform website:’

Kate Bull- CEO of Healthy Living Platform- says:
This is an amazing resource for communities to come together through food whether for a cultural event, a learning opportunity or a social gathering. Food is what connects all of us so this space will help make that happen.

For more info:
Instagram: @living_platform
Helen – Community Programmes Manager – 07701365551
Zoe- Community Food Programmes Manager- 07944240420