Our response to climate change

The world is slowly waking up to the reality of climate change.

Responding to the Challenge


  • Lambeth Accord has looked at its heating systems and has removed redundancy.   We have removed a leg of our heating system not in use so we are not heating areas that do not need heating, such as parts of the basement and bits of the loading bay. 


  • Lambeth Accord has slowly re-lamped the whole building replacing florescent tubes and standard light bulbs with low energy LED lighting.
  • In 2022 we replaced our gas boilers with more energy efficient boilers.


  • We have fitted water saving devices to reduce our consumption for the gents urinals.
  • We encourage all the organisations in the building to switch off lighting, heating and other kit at the end of the day or when the space is empty.
  • Provision has been made to greatly increase our bike parking on site, with the aim to reduce car visits where possible. We do have limited Blue Badge parking.


  • Where possible we aim to repair / fix broken or damaged items for example a replacement thermostat in a water heater and the welding of chair movers.
  • We are one of the founding organisations that set up a Repair Café in Lambeth.  This helps members of the public get their own items repaired. follow the link to their web-site; https://www.repaircafe-lambeth.org


  • When an organisation leaves 336 we will keep any furniture they leave behind.  This can be offered for free to new organisations coming into 336.
  • We don’t provide disposable cups any more. Instead we offer customers of the conference centre mugs and cups that can be washed-up and reused.


  • We encourage the tenants at 336 to recycle where possible.
  • We have increased our recycling bins and collections within the building.
  • Provision has been made so cyclists can park bikes safely.