About CILs

Centres for Independent Living (CILs) aim to support and empower disabled people to be equal citizens with independence, choice, control, rights and full participation in economic, social and cultural life. They use the ‘social model of disability’ to identify disabling attitudes and barriers, and work to remove them. There are a number of CILs already running in different parts of the country.

Central to the ethos of CILs are the ‘Twelve Pillars of Independent Living’, recognised by the international disabled people’s movement. These are:

  • appropriate and accessible information
  • an adequate income
  • appropriate and accessible health and social care provision
  • a fully accessible transport system
  • full access to the environment
  • adequate provision of technical aids and equipment
  • availability of accessible and adapted housing
  • adequate provision of personal assistance
  • availability of inclusive education and training
  • equal opportunities for employment
  • availability of independent advocacy and self-advocacy
  • availability of peer counselling