A Brief History of 336

  • Our building at 336 is built in the ‘brutalist style’.
  • It was originally built in 1967 to be a warehouse, but never used for that purpose.
  • In 1971 it was converted for Coutts Bank and used as their computer centre. It was designed to keep people out.
  • The building was converted yet again in 1984 to be office space and a conference centre with money from the European Union and Lambeth Council. This time it was designed to be accessible and to let people in!
  • 336 was formally opened by HRH Diana, Princess of Wales, in June 1985.
  • After its conversion four disability charities moved into the building:
    • Lambeth ACCORD (now operating as we are 336)
    • GLAD (Greater London Action on Disability)
    • VOCAL (Voluntary Organisation for Communication and Language)
    • SKILL (National Bureau for Disabled Students)

    Of these, only Lambeth Accord (we are 336) continues in existence.

Odd History

  • We were once considered a very cool venue for raves. We’ve grown up since then. We now have arts activities in the gallery we host in the basement.